This page is dedicated to the creation of background map with python. Three other sections exist for chloropleth, connection and bubble map. It displays many example using different projections, colours, boundaries and geographical

positions. To make a map, you need the information of the shape of your countries, regions or whatever zone. This info is sometimes available in python libraries, or can be loaded as a shape file in python. This page relies on 2 main

tools. Basemap allows to make high quality static maps, and Gmplot allows to make google map style interactive maps. A lot of tools currently exist in python, but I hope you will be able to fit most of your needs with these 2 tools.

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  • Folium

    Folium is a Python library wrapping the Leaflet.js library. It allows to easily manage your data with python and make interactive map using the power of Javascript. Click here to see the code of these 4 maps.

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