👋 Hi! The Python Graph Gallery is a website brought to you by Yan Holtz. It displays hundreds of charts made with Python, together with their reproducible code. Here are a few things you should know about it! 👇

❓ How and Why this gallery

How: The python graph gallery displays about 400 charts organize in about 40 sections(families)! 😳. It showcases the most common types of chart used for data science. Each family displays several examples, describing the most common need of customization. Every example comes with its reproducible code and with some explanation 😀.

This website relies on the following stack:

Why: I guess the main explanation is that I'm a nerd 😊. I love exploring all the graph possibilities a language offers. I also love teaching and helping people out. If you've found this website helpful, say me thanks and you will make my day! 🙏

This website is built on my free time with the little I know! Please be kind when giving feedbacks ❤️

💵 Sponsoring

If you run a buisness that is highly related with python, data science or a closely related field, I would love to communicate about it in exchange of a few 💰. We all need to put some butter in the spinach (French expression, sorry) 🐸.

The python graph gallery is visited about 400,000 times per months by students and professionals that are highly interested in data science, from every country in the world

Here is a list of the companies that helped me building this website, thanks so much to them!


Data Society




Data Society


EARL conference






Jumping River


Mango Solution


365 Data Science




Stack Abuse book



🙏 Acknowledgment

This website would no exist without the precious help of those people:

  • Maintainers of python viz libraries like matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, circlify, squarify, pandas, leaflet, networkX and others.

  • Main contributors who wrote some of the blogposts: Nicolas Rousselet and Ozlem Tok

  • Friends: Conor Healy for the logos, Gimzu Debreu for general knowledge about the internet and all others who gave me constructive feedbacks.

  • More generally, everybody who gave feedbacks, english corrections, bug reports, opened issues

🙇‍♂️ How to contribute

Contribution to the python graph gallery are highly encouraged 📢! I'm working hard on this project and would love some help of any kind.

There are 2 main ways to contribute:

  • Improve an existing page. It can be anything from correcting an english mistake to a python code reformating.
    • 👍🏽 Open an issue on github to explain the bug you've found
    • 🔥 Open a pull request on the github repo to suggest a correction

  • Create a new chart. Contact me by email, on twitter or open a pull request with a new chart suggestion.


👋 This document is a work by Yan Holtz. You can contribute on github, send me a feedback on twitter or subscribe to the newsletter to know when new examples are published! 🔥