Python Color Palette Finder

Finding the perfect colors for your Python chart can be daunting. Picking colors manually often leads to a maze of unsuitable options.

Luckily, the all-new PyPalettes package provides a collection of 2500+ palettes meticulously curated by hundreds of experts.

This app lets you effortlessly explore various palettes and gives you two lines of code to use directly in your Matplotlib chart. Discover the perfect palette to make your chart stand out! 😍

pypalettes: The Easiest Way to Access Colors

pypalettes is a Python library developed by Joseph Barbier Darnal during his collaboration with the Python Graph Gallery 😋.

While thousands of color palettes exist, quick access to them in Python has been limited. In R, paleteer does a great job of this. Now, the bridge is available for Python too.

Palettes come from paleteer,, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.

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About this tool

Accessing over 2500 colors is fantastic, but an efficient tool for exploring them is essential.

That is why this little explorer was created. Use your keyboard to switch between palettes at lightning speed 🔥!

Developed by Yan Holtz, this tool is under active development. Feel free to report any bugs or request new features!


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