Chord diagram

A chord diagram represents flows or connections between several entities (called nodes). Each entity is represented by a fragment on the outer part of the circular layout. Then, arcs are drawn between each entities. The size of the arc is proportional to the importance of the flow.

Chord diagram with Plotly

plotly is a powerful python library for data visualization and also allows to build chord diagrams. The good part is that it builds interactive charts. However if comes with a lot of code complexity so be ready to spend several hours before getting your first figure. 😞

The example below shows the relationship between several people on facebook. Have a look to the plotly doc for explanation and code. Hover over a connection to get names and flow value.

Chord diagram with the Mne library

The mne library has been written for neuroscience purposes, but it comes with some handy functions when it comes to build chord diagrams. Visit the examples below to learn the basics and more!


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