#41 Control marker features

Once you understood how to plot a basic scatterplot with seaborn, you probably want to custom the appearance of your markers. You can custom color, transparency, shape and size. Here is how to do it:

Control shape

# library and dataset 
import seaborn as sns 
df = sns.load_dataset('iris') 

# Change shape of marker 
sns.regplot(x=df["sepal_length"], y=df["sepal_width"], marker="+", fit_reg=False) 

List of available shapes

# You can see all possible shapes:
#[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, u'D', 6, 7, 8, u's', u'|', 11, u'None', u'P', 9, u'x', u'X', 5, u'_', u'^', u' ', None, u'd', u'h', u'+', u'*', u',', u'o', u'.', u'1', u'p', u'3', u'2', u'4', u'H', u'v', u'', u'8', 10, u'<', u'>']

Color, Transparency and size

# More marker customization:
sns.regplot(x=df["sepal_length"], y=df["sepal_width"], fit_reg=False, scatter_kws={"color":"darkred","alpha":0.3,"s":200} )

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