#163 Donut plot with subgroups

Here is a donut plot with 3 groups and several subgroups for each. You can set the position of the 2 circle levels using the radius and width options. Then, the idea is to attribute a color palette for each group. Note that the code for this graphic is far from optimal. It would be great to create a more general function. Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have a better way to do it!

# Libraries
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Make data: I have 3 groups and 7 subgroups
group_names=['groupA', 'groupB', 'groupC']
subgroup_names=['A.1', 'A.2', 'A.3', 'B.1', 'B.2', 'C.1', 'C.2', 'C.3', 'C.4', 'C.5']

# Create colors
a, b, c=[plt.cm.Blues, plt.cm.Reds, plt.cm.Greens]

# First Ring (outside)
fig, ax = plt.subplots()
mypie, _ = ax.pie(group_size, radius=1.3, labels=group_names, colors=[a(0.6), b(0.6), c(0.6)] )
plt.setp( mypie, width=0.3, edgecolor='white')

# Second Ring (Inside)
mypie2, _ = ax.pie(subgroup_size, radius=1.3-0.3, labels=subgroup_names, labeldistance=0.7, colors=[a(0.5), a(0.4), a(0.3), b(0.5), b(0.4), c(0.6), c(0.5), c(0.4), c(0.3), c(0.2)])
plt.setp( mypie2, width=0.4, edgecolor='white')

# show it

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