Parallel coordinate chart with Python and Plotly

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This blogpost explains how to build a parallel coordinate chart with Python and Plotly. The result is interactive, you can select an area to highlight the according groups.

Most basic parallel coordinate chart with plotly

Plotly is an awesome python library sending the power of Javascript to Python. Javascript is the language used in browser to make a webpage interactive.

Fortunately, plotly provides a parallel_coordinates() function that can be used as follow to build this chart type:

# Import the library
import as px

# Load the iris dataset provided by the library
df =

# Create the chart:
fig = px.parallel_coordinates(
    labels={"species_id": "Species","sepal_width": "Sepal Width", "sepal_length": "Sepal Length", "petal_width": "Petal Width", "petal_length": "Petal Length", },

# Hide the color scale that is useless in this case

# Show the plot

Note that you can save this chart to a standalone file thanks to the write.html() function. It is then possible to render it in any html document using an <iframe>

# If you need to save this file as a standalone html file:
<iframe src="../../interactiveCharts/parallel-coordinate-plot-plotly.html" width="800" height="600" title="parallel coordinate chart with plotly" style="border:none"></iframe>

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