Most basic parallel coordinate chart with plotly

Plotly is an awesome python library sending the power of Javascript to Python. Javascript is the language used in browser to make a webpage interactive.

Fortunately, plotly provides a parallel_coordinates() function that can be used as follow to build this chart type:

# Import the library
import as px

# Load the iris dataset provided by the library
df =

# Create the chart:
fig = px.parallel_coordinates(
    labels={"species_id": "Species","sepal_width": "Sepal Width", "sepal_length": "Sepal Length", "petal_width": "Petal Width", "petal_length": "Petal Length", },

# Hide the color scale that is useless in this case

# Show the plot

Note that you can save this chart to a standalone file thanks to the write.html() function. It is then possible to render it in any html document using an <iframe>

# If you need to save this file as a standalone html file:
<iframe src="../../interactiveCharts/parallel-coordinate-plot-plotly.html" width="800" height="600" title="parallel coordinate chart with plotly" style="border:none"></iframe>

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