#184 Lollipop plot with 2 groups





This variation of lollipop chart is really useful if you have 2 observations for each groups.

Instead of displaying the values of both groups one beside each other, show them on the same line and represent only their difference!







# libraries
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Create a dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({'group':list(map(chr, range(65, 85))), 'value1':value1 , 'value2':value2 })

# Reorder it following the values of the first value:
ordered_df = df.sort_values(by='value1')

# The vertical plot is made using the hline function
# I load the seaborn library only to benefit the nice looking feature
import seaborn as sns
plt.hlines(y=my_range, xmin=ordered_df['value1'], xmax=ordered_df['value2'], color='grey', alpha=0.4)
plt.scatter(ordered_df['value1'], my_range, color='skyblue', alpha=1, label='value1')
plt.scatter(ordered_df['value2'], my_range, color='green', alpha=0.4 , label='value2')

# Add title and axis names
plt.yticks(my_range, ordered_df['group'])
plt.title("Comparison of the value 1 and the value 2", loc='left')
plt.xlabel('Value of the variables')

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