The python graph gallery could not exist without the help of several contributors. Thousands of hour of code and reflection have been necessitated to find out and produce the best

selection of python charts. Note that the gallery is always seeking new contributors! You can help: propose a new graph , request one that is missing, report a bug, or just give me a

feedback. In any case, do not hesitate to contact me at the following address:, I will be happy to hear from you!


Main contributors

Olivier Gaudard

Olivier is a student in informatics, who loves coding and drinking biers. He’s passionate about new technologies, lives in Nice and practice BreakDance.

Conor Healy

Graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in Valbonne on the French Riviera, I studied design and animation in England. I then set up my own company, through which I offer a wide range of creative services to both local and international clients.

Other Contributors