About the Gallery

The Python Graph Gallery is a project developed by Yan Holtz to promote datavisualization using Python. The idea is to provide hundreds of python charts, always with the associated reproducible code. This source of examples

is a good platform to learn and get inspired about your dataviz! If you have any suggestion, remark, correction, advice, proposition, question, complain, please feel free to contact me at yan.holtz.data@gmail.com. All news

concerning the website are available on twitter or on facebook! Follow the gallery!

This project follows the recent success of the R graph gallery. Since R users were numerous to use the website, I proposed to develop the same idea for python,

keeping the good parts of the R website and improving the bad ones. For example, I choosed to classify all charts in 6 sections, inspired from the visual vocabulary and

the graphic continuum. I hope this classification will help you find the dataviz you need as quick as possible. Happy plotting!